Past Abuse and Your Child

Calling all bloggers. How do you deal with the worry of protecting your kids?

I struggle with this overwhelming worry about my daughter. I don’t want her 29 finally dealing with sexual abuse straight on?

I want to protect her, keep her safe. I know I can’t completely but I struggle with how clueless apparently my family was about it. I don’t want to be in that situation, I feel sorry for them but I don’t want to end up here again.

How do y’all deal with it? What do you do to help these feelings? And what do you do to know you protected your child?

How are you vigilant in keeping your kids safe as possible? How do you stop the cycle of abuse?

I struggle daily with fear that the cycle will just continue. That my daughter will be tormented with these feelings? I want her to be aware but not be trapped by this.

Are you honest with them? What do you do?