Supportive Paleo Psycho

I’ve decided to go back on the Paleo diet. I felt so amazing the weeks following being on this. I don’t know of it was the diet or if it happened to be a wonderful time for my physical health! I hadn’t felt that good in years.

I was going to make it public so we had to start doing paleo again but decided here will work for now until we really start. Last time, my mom went a little psycho about it. In an amazing supportive way but psycho. Haha she worried about every meal and what she had for me and I don’t want that for her or anyone. Paleo became much more easier when I learned you can follow it 80/20! Then I didn’t feel like I was cheating when I wanted bread but then I didn’t want bread cause I could have it!

I found a great doctor since I last spoke to you about my health issues. He is pretty sure I have an autoimmune disease. He is still doing some testing! I hate to be excited about that but to have an answer, finally be great! Then I might know what to focus on next.

Ok! Semi accountability here I come, I am starting the Paleo diet, today!

Thanks for reading!