Im off traveling, to the middle of no where, I hope I will still get a chance to make some posts. We are with my family in the middle of no where then off to my husbands family even more in the middle of nowhere for a wedding!

We apparently love to travel to the middle of no where! While being in the Navy, we have come to realize, we don’t get vacation. All of our time is spent with family. There isn’t really anything wrong with that but a family trip to the grand canyon is out of the question.

My husband I really want to go to San Antonio or Denver. Its something we have talked about going for forever and we’ve never been together. I don’t think my husbands been able to travel there before but since our family traveled a lot when we were younger, I feel like I have been everywhere in the US. But San Antonio, is by far one of my favorite city, when I decided that I needed to get out of this no where town. Time for me, time to escape, not daily reminded of my demons, I started to look for jobs in San Antonio or Florida. No where specific in Florida, but I got a job at a drug rehab in florida, that paid amazing (so I thought). So it was florida I decided to go, no word back from jobs in San Antonio. And I had always wanted to go to florida, I had loved visiting Miami when we were little. My husband (sort of boyfriend then was near where I got my job so we packed up our tiny apartment and moved to Florida. I was a recreational therapist. It was an amazing job.

I loved working with people with eating disorders and drug addicts. It was rewarding, I really enjoyed getting to see the people that actually wanted to get better succeed. I hated my boss. Only because she was mildly crazy. She would tell me to do something, then scream at me when I was doing it or had done it. I developed a whole program for them that really encouraged using exercise and wellness in their lives as forms of recovery.

My boss was traveling all the time, missing thrus-monday, going back and forth to like Ohio or something. She probably had the most loneliest lives imaginable, I see now. Then, she was crazy and obsessed. I do have this issue with crying when angry. This got me in trouble a lot here because she was so mean, confusing, she would make me cry with anger every day she was there. I wasn’t the only one because the whole rehab had a different atmosphere when she wasn’t around. Relaxed, peaceful, tranquil; all the qualities she wanted for me to obtain in the whole facility by me!

She once made me decide who she looked like, and who’s attitude do I remind you of. Over and over, she must have asked till I finally gave her a name. And she says how do you get along with this person. Not so well. And she said well Im not that person. And I remember saying, I never said you were like them, you did.

After that, everything I did was wrong. Mainly, the way I wore my lifeguard tube. At this point, Id probably been a lifeguard for 13 years. So it was frustrating this non swimming woman would tell me how to do my job, there wasn’t even anyone in the pool or sometimes even by the pool. Or I would have the old tube versus the new one and that was an issue. But she wanted me to constantly watch the pool while making sure I helped people with the tennis courts, shuffle boards, set up other games and activities. Take people on walks. All while standing at the pool. Lady didn’t know what she wanted.

So I finally went to HR and reported her for harassment, she wasn’t allowing me to do my job and she was always there criticizing me. Other employees told me she had been bullying me, she treated no other employee like she treated me (mind you an 70 year old women said this too). I was about to quit anyways, and they let me go in with all my things of harassment. And request for shorter hours, to go to school or I am going to be considering leaving this establishment. They said “we are letting you go”. Let so and so come with you to your office and get your stuff. It angered me. just the weekend before telling me how good I was doing but go to HR, say harassment and Im gone. I was lucky to pick up a job not many weeks after.

I went so far on a tangent. So we’ve been in FL, now we really want to travel to San Antonio, Denver, or I want Maine. I remember playing in a creek in Maine, and it being so beautiful. I want to go back. I have a whole pinboard on why to go to Maine.

But we never get to travel for holidays, just family. Always seeing family. We don’t mind it, we don’t get to see them much but we finally realized next year, goodbye family vacations and hello somewhere we’ve always wanted to go! Im excited we finally got on the same page, that we realized we aren’t getting that little extra trip in that some folks get.

I don’t know about you but you come back from a vacation from family, you need another vacation!!

So we are traveling for the week, hopefully I will be writing from all over the South but most likely, doing bad at writing!!

Thanks for reading! Hang in with me,