Comfort Zone

I have been busy with my new home business. I love it but it has consumed my time, even when I took last month “off”. But it’s good being consumed. It’s been a long time since I had something to keep me occupied. Something that forces me to break out of my comfort zone and talk with people.

My first big step, inviting strangers over. Sounds like an awful idea, I know. But sometimes you just have to get to know people in your comfort zone.

I invited all the military spouses pages over to my house for a Goodbye Summer party. I can and can’t wait. I will have lemonade and sweet tea, cookies and cakes. I’ll have a busy weekend. But I’m excited to have people over. The part I don’t like as much is having them over for my business without really saying that’s what it’s for. I did on the invitation but it mainly is for us to have something to do while we meet a bunch of strangers. Ice breaker. I’ll play some games, give prizes but mainly excited to get to know people.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love selling this stuff! I have a great encouraging team! And I’m excited to show everyone this project but I feel bad if people don’t understand that’s what we are doing! But with out having this stuff to sell, I wouldn’t feel as confident. I wouldn’t be having people over. Maybe during my short explanation, I can explain that!

Ok so I’ve been bad about blogging. I’m gonna try to work harder! I switched out of notes to another journal for a while and I think it hurt my writing, so I’m back to “basics” iPhones note app!

What keeps you going? Any ideas for my party? I’ve been pinning away! Not sure what will actually get done!

Thanks for stopping by,