Friend Wanted

I don’t get it! My grandparents made life long friends in the military. Friends they went to visit long after their military career was over. They were social butterflies and I do lack that.

I’ve been depressed lately. But first time in my life it’s let’s say selective depression. It’s only about all my close friends being what feels like forever away.

It’s no secret I have hated being in this state. And maybe that’s my issue. I need to accept we are here. And we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I know I signed up for this when I married my husband. I knew what was in store for this military life. Sure not all of it but I knew we’d be moving, away from family, stuck in places we love and places we hate.

It’s not like I want to give up on the military life. I like it changing. But recently, it’s been lonely. My husband doesn’t quite catch on when I just need him to be a friend but I learned a while back I can’t expect my husband to fill every need I have. That’s why God gives us the capacity to love more than one person. He puts others in your life so you don’t have just one person you’re leaning on for everything. I’ve screwed relationships up in the past because I thought a guy, including my husband needs to be my everything. No one can be your everything. No one can handle that roll. Well except for God.

But I just want a friend, near me to count on, to talk to, that wants a friend as much as I do. I know when we become mothers/wives other priorities get in the way of friendship and that’s ok. But I just want someone I can hang out with before my time of exhaustion hits.

I need to give it to God. Keep praying and keep trying. I’ve been the most social in this last month versus any other time in my life yet I still feel so alone. I know that’s what depression does, how it makes you feel.

For now, all I can do is keep it up and ask God to answer my friend wanted add!

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions are always welcome! Do any of you have twitter? Find me: @GraySkyHippie



4 thoughts on “Friend Wanted

    • Thank you! It’s hard building relationships as we get older. we aren’t tossed into classrooms or sporting events! Everyone is moving and changing. There is nothing wrong with that, it just makes a friend that much more important and valuable! I’m sorry your friends are so far away! I wish it was mandatory to have 1 close friend close at all times! Then you could look them in the eye and they’d know if you are ok or not!

  1. I am 68, been told I look in my late 40ties and was a hippie in the 70ties . I am married now and very lonely if it wasn’t for God I would be a mess. / I feel I need an earthly friend. I take care of my mother in law 24/7 and it will be 2 years in February. I am active …well…if I could be. I am depressed here lately cause my husband is a flirt and his ex told me he is also a cheater and If I ever wanted to find out for myself , set him up secretly. I believe it would be true. He is a very odd person. Works at factory in daytime and messes with raising cows, and making hay for them any spare time after that. There is no real closeness between us. We been married 9 years and he is a ogler of woman where he swings his body around to see their butt. It makes me feel like crap and I talked to him about it and he says he will try to do better….He flirts with other woman and just doesn’t seem to know how to give love from his heart…it is all about what I can do for him…I sure need some advice and a friend.

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