Fragmented Thoughts

This has always been the perfect description of me. My thoughts never come in wonderful light bulb moments. But scattered and fragmented. Like my sentences. Exactly like my sentences.

They are fragmented. Section by section, random times and random places. I’ve often enjoyed this because it makes me think. It makes me decide how I feel one second and change my view the next.

I decide I hate something and two days later I’ve realized I love it… My cousin and one of my bestest friends can attests to this.

So I am telling you all this because as I write things out to you, tomorrow I could feel differently. It might be wishy washy. It might seem that I don’t know what I want or need or even think for that matter but you know what, that’s ok.

I’ve always been proud of my fragmented thoughts title. To me it feels like I’m open to new ideas and new things.

But as for writing. People can’t always follow. Those that know me best are amazing at deciphering me! It means a lot they put up with my random crazy texts, emails and/or conversations that are half of about 500 subjects!

For those just reading my blog, I’m sorry! I can be confusing and random. I have no sentence structure. I use the wrong words at the wrong time but they fit to me! I’m sorry you have to decipher.

I go on tangents that I think is complete related because that’s how my head goes. I overwhelm people with everything that’s going on in my head.

Maybe the more I write, the less my thoughts will be so fragmented. Getting stuff out of my head onto paper, really helps me relax. Not think too much.

I hope to never loose my fragmented views. I think changing your mind on your views helps keep your mind open to new things, new thoughts and new adventures!


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