I Got an Otter

We have been on vacation for 25 days! Oh man, I thought I would have opportunities to post but I haven’t even had time to sit! Or breath! It’s been great most of the time! My new adventure with Jamberry Nails has also made it a bit of a crazy time but crazy has meant business so that’s exciting! Parties online has helped with the schedule issues in traveling! I hosted a party online today at a restaurant on our way home! (If you want to know about this, looking for a online/in home job, message me, it’s been great!)

Anyways an otter! Maybe you remember my post about wanting to be an otter. I recently fell in love with them! We went to Grandfather Mountain and saw the otter tank! Yep just the tank, it was super nasty out and most of the animals were in hiding! But they had a stuff otter and my husband bought me a “momma” one and our daughter a “baby” one! I am so excited. I can’t wait to rest my head on my otter to sleep! Maybe it will only allow me to dream of being an otter! A girl can hope right?

I am so excited to be returning to our home state! This vacation was great but hard. It did teach me I need to push things physically! I did so much in the last 25 days! I was/am extremely exhausted but I also did it!

Well not as much as I would like to have done but I didn’t only sit on the couch or sit outside and watch my daughter play. My husband did a lot with her. It’s going to be adjustment to not have him around for both of us!

I hope to continue to be strong and do things daily. It is going to be difficult for me but I am going to try! I like to write things down on a check list, I do much better when I see it or I can check it off. I like feeling accomplished!

We will be taking a trip to the aquarium to watch the otters swim!!


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