High-Low is Apparently Not Just a Dress Style

I’ve been high-low for the last month and a half at least. I can’t determine if it’s just life or if I’m unstable. I think that’s one of the annoying things about seeing a psychologist, uncertainty of my sanity.

Before, when I had been to a therapist, I just thought it was a hard time that things would get better then I’d be on a high, things going great constantly till I hit a low again.

Now I just worry I’m bipolar. If I should be on meds, if the meds I’m using are working or not. If I need to go see my doctor, if my doctors helping. Is this going to last forever or just today. This constant back and forth of worries that I didn’t have before. Not that I regret therapy because I haven’t but I miss the ignorance I had before.

Living in the land of if only I could go back to the days of just thinking I’m having a bad day.


2 thoughts on “High-Low is Apparently Not Just a Dress Style

  1. I don’t know, I feel better having someone to tell me it is treatable. When I was having bad moments I could never seem to be rid of them, and I felt doomed. I think I feel the opposite as you describe. Maybe I am still doomed, but I can keep trying something new, now.

    • Very true. When it’s bad, it is nice to have my psychiatrist tell me it’s ok! I like he gives me encouragement to feel the way I am. Maybe I like approval, need approval but it feel great when he tells me it’s normal to feel that way. Even though it’s his job! It be interesting to know what’s really going on in his head!

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