Life is Making Me Choose

I don’t think I’ve been making my quota for posts lately. I’ve been distracted! I finally have my house organized and finished and it’s great! I can’t believe how my anxiety has decreased to have our house a home!

I am able to work in the garage on my crafts and have time to myself doing something I love!

I also began selling Jamberry Nails. A sudden decision when I fell for a fun online party after I already loved the product. Message me and I can send you samples and my specific webpage! I’d love the support! But I really like the product cause it’s cheap, and it’s lasting. It still shocks me how great of a product it is and I’m selling it!

Anyways. It’s had me on a high. And that alone has made me tired. Exhausted and in more pain than ever before. My eyes cross as I look at my phone now to type.

I’ve barely kept in touch with friends and family. It’s so hard. It’s like life is going good and I can’t enjoy it. I can’t do everything that I want. I’m still limited. Limited to how many hours in the day that are good. And how many are bad.

I don’t want to choose between blogging and crafting and having fun with family and friends. But I am going to try harder to make all that I want happen.



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