A Life Well Wasted

A Life Well Wasted

An awful person I might be as I’ve said before I really enjoy when Locked Up Raw comes on and I can hope to see my brothers face amongst the guys in prison for finally something. People wonder how I can watch these shows, especially to fall asleep to them. It gives me great relaxation thinking of my abuser behind bars, where he should be. Not freely to be around kids, his own or others, to be locked up away from the ability to put anyone’s life in a tail spin like mine.

That’s all folks, dream state I am and grave photo inspired me to write, check out the link.

Again we will speak soon,


2 thoughts on “A Life Well Wasted

    • No grave stone for me! Ashes spread all over some island or something with water! Can I make a scavenger hunt but to leave my ashes? Maybe plant a willow tree or palm tree for kal to visit but I don’t want my death to be about me dying but living! Track suit grave stone would be awesome, could it be in the shape of one! You in a track suit etched into the stone!

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