I Think I Would be an Otter

I Think I Would be an Otter

Yep, you read that right, I think I’d be an otter. I mean, if I had to choose an animal to be. I haven’t researched them or anything they could be nasty, mean or gross. I don’t care much yet to start looking into them. I’d just be an otter.

So my thoughts started sleeping next to my daughters cat. Stuffed cat. If it wasn’t from my little brother and the most awesomest cat I’ve ever seen, I would have given it to goodwill today with the organizer. It’s tie dye and funky so I ignore its a cat. (No offense cat people, I’m allergic and don’t like how they climb on everything. But I’ve met a few cats I’ve liked)

But anyways this is about otters. So my daughters tie die cat is laying next to me. We are having a sleep over, I’ve felt like I’ve neglected her when the organizer was here. She is such a good girl. It’s also my husbands duty day so he is gone. I try to make it girls day. It’s hard when his duty day is every 4 days to keep up with our tea parties. But now Im remembering how well I used to sleep so well with a stuffed animal.

I used to have a bear. My brother that molested me gave it to me. It was a birthday present. After I had forgave him before he tried again. It’s funny I worry about my ex friends paintings, quilt and boxes when I kept that bear from like age 15-23. When he gave it to me and to me it was like truly a pure gift. He also game me that and a pelican jewelry box (which I still have). For me I had forgiven him, gave him a fresh slate. And he remembered my birthday for once. Thinking back now makes me wonder how pure it was since a year later he tried again. But I have hope, hope that it was a pure gift for once in my life. And I don’t talk to him to find out, so I get to think what I want to think.

But I slept with that bear on my shoulder for years, it’s how I fell asleep. It was just the way it sat on my shoulder. The best texture. And filled with something I actually wasn’t allergic too like most stuffed animals.

When I met my husband, I had to have it wherever we were sleeping. His room, my room the bear would be there. I even have an embarrassing photo of soccer star (read other posts if this is your first time reading to understand him!) sleeping under my flowery comforter and he had my little yellow bear on his shoulder.

We even stopped talking for a LONG while after I posted it to FB. He was angry! But I had thought it was cute. I refused to take it down, now understanding his choice to make, not mine but still hold that picture in high regard cause it was a great memory for me. That bear has been a great memory reminder. So much happened with that bear!

Anyways. Sitting next to this cat. I text my husband I want an otter stuffed animal to sleep with.

He replied, “why an otter?” To me it made sense. We go to the aquarium. They have a huge otter room. You sit and watch them swim and lay in the sun. I could literally watch them all day.

The way they move through the water is amazing. And beautiful. Have I mentioned I was a swimmer? For forever, swam in college and all before.

But watching swimmers now, it’s not as thrilling as watching otters. They spin and twirl and inspire. Inspire you to be carefree. Sit in the sun on a rock and bake and then soar in the water.

So that’s why I want to be an otter. But for now, I’ll settle for an otter stuffed animal.

Your homework is to go watch some otters! See if I’m strange or you see their amazing ability to calm and excite you too!



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