Finding Answers for Broken Friendships and Guilt

After Posting my two posts, Guilt, Guilt, Guilt and Decisions about a Friendship Gone Wrong HeLp!! (not sure why it won’t let me link that too).  I have started thinking more about how the guilt is impacting my decisions. But I was reminded of this photo I found on pinterest (can we say addicting).



I don’t need to feel any guilt about finally letting go. I did all that I could for that friendship, including trying to fix it multiple times. I just need to let it go. That I don’t have to feel guilty for missing them. That I don’t have to feel guilty about giving up. Because I didn’t.

I have loved blogging. I have found many of my worries, work themselves out by realizing reacquiring themes. As I said when I started, unfortunately for you, this blog is my journals. My life all out there, for the world to see. No more hiding, no more shame, honesty.

Sure somethings should stay out of here. But this is my journey. Dealing through lifetime of trauma, sexual abuse, and incest. It also relates to my family and friendships. As I said in my previous choice, for sure now. The friendship has ended, it is final for now. And I am no longer going to feel guilty about it. Im going to let God take that guilt and move on.

As for the decisions about putting stuff in my daughters room or around my house. Since the decisions loom over me, Im going to keep a box for those items that remind me of the guilt and bad times and have no problem putting up those of the good times, the things that I feel is ok to remember about the friendship.

Feeling guilt free and finalized,


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