Organization in a Navy Life

Navy wife, Navy Life.

Going through this organization process has been hard as a navy wife. I know it be harder if my husband worked 9-5 job too, maybe harder but I only know it as a Navy wife.

My husbands been gone for basically 3 days. I saw him after a screaming match as he was sleeping during the day after he had been gone all night and most of the morning. He was upstairs, I was down and I remember yelling about how glad your sleeping and we won’t see you for the next day.

I’m just frustrated, he is just frustrated. He eventually came down and we got to talk for an hour before he left.

We are worried about money, we are always worried about money. We can’t afford the organizer. But the organization needs to happen.

I’m frustrated I can’t do it and he is frustrated he has no want to do it cause he is gone all the time and comes home to have no time off there.

One more week, the organizer promises. We will be finished in a week. Which we both see the end in the near future. But for now frustrated.

At least in two weeks we can have people over, we can enjoy our house. Start interviewing babysitters, not that we will be able to afford to go out or even the babysitter for a while. (Frustration) But we will have our house back, finally after almost 2 years.

And hopefully will make everything better for the next few years we are hopefully stationed here.




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