Decisions About a Lifetime Friendship Gone wrong. HeLp!!

What would you do about a friendship gone wrong and all the reminders with it?

I’m struggling, with the organizing of my daughters room and my own stuff. I have photos and items from a lifetime friend that more recently became an ex best friend.

I’m devastated that it ended like it did. We had good times but majority of the best times where in high school. Ummm for me that was 2002. Then she’s come and gone through my life. We normally work it out. But this time feels different. Feels final. Especially on her part. And that she can do that, makes it final on my part. How it ended, made it final on my part.

I know I don’t need someone like that in my life. But we’ve come across all these reminders of our friendship. Photos, gifts, a handmade quilt for my daughter, paintings for her room.

What do I do with these things, these reminders. I don’t think I want to goodwill them yet but do I hang pictures that remind me of the good times that always remind me of her. Do I keep the quilt in my daughters room, the paintings she made?

I feel like everything that makes me think of her, needs to go in a box. At least for now. I’m still angry and extremely hurt. I’m flooded by all these emotions. Not just emotions from her but the emotions from the organization.

I’m exhausted and tired. Your thoughts? What would you do? Cold turkey? Remember good times? Or cry?

Thanks y’all,




3 thoughts on “Decisions About a Lifetime Friendship Gone wrong. HeLp!!

  1. I think you should wait. Step back. Drop your pride. Decide if this is the hill you want to die on. And I say all this knowing NONE of it is easy. IN the meanwhile, read some blogs that can make you laugh or warm your heart or inspire you to create something. And if you believe, lean into Him.

    • I would normally understand the wait part but I have a home organizer coming through my space asking keep, goodwill, trash. Then keep in here, keep somewhere else (storage or another room). So it’s like the time is now have it hung and stay in her room or go to storage. I just don’t know what’s best for my mental stability.

      On another note, I got caught up on your blog this am, I love the stuff you’ve redone and painted. I just had my garage finished with a “art studio” I finally have a place to just relax and paint and create! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

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