Another Movie about Abuse and Christianity

Home Run
Home Run Movie Trailer

I loved this movie. It hit especially close to home reminding me that you have no idea what the person next to you is struggling with. That the person you thought was the good girl at church, could being molested by her brother.

I was that girl, the one that was scared to speak up, to say something. I followed along, knowing all the right Christian things to say and do until I realized that God isn’t out to condemn us for everything we’ve done wrong.

It also showed me to look around. Once after I told my family about my brother. I told my best friend from church. We’d been together since preschool. One of those friendships, you can send an email and pick it all back up. She told me she had been dealing with something similar. We had been right there together the whole time, and didn’t know each other’s struggle. If we had ever spoken out, who knows what would have happened. I know we can’t live in the land of IF ONLY, that we both took the routes we did and has lead us to our current lives. But I do see how speaking out now could show others it’s ok. To open the communications. Build a better church, school and family structure that deals with abuse. Acknowledges it. And more than just a month of awareness. It’s a great start but we have so much more to go.

This movie showed all this to me, it’s basic story line was a professional baseball player being sent home through losing it in one of his games. He was dealing with alcoholism and struggling from abuse from his alcoholic father.

I teared up more than once during this film. I really enjoyed it. Another sports movie I’ve recently watched without my husband. He will be sad he missed it. I probably will be happy to watch it again with him.

Thanks guy! Check out the movie, let me know of any good movies I should check out! I’d love to know what movies inspire you!


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