Professional Organizer

Kind of funny I’m more embarrassed to admit we had to hire a professional organizer than other things. She comes tomorrow, and I’m nervous. I am excited to get our house in running order.

Nervous about her coming because tonight I can’t even get my daughter and I upstairs. I have to sleep on the couch, she has to sleep in the “guest room” that’s suppose to be the dinning room. I don’t think she quiet understands how little I’m able to do.

Adrenaline seems to help, so hopefully that helps first day. But after two days of driving the top of my feet swell like 3 times bigger than normal. I then sat in bed with my feet up all night. And half the next day just to shop for the stuff she said I needed.

It was too much walking though, too many trips up the stairs yesterday (3). That I can hardly move. I keep bottled water by my chair so I can feel up my daughters cup. I debate when it’s worth the time to go to the bathroom.

My husband and I discussed putting a shower downstairs. Still hoping in the morning I have the energy to get us both at least clean, which means a trip upstairs.

I have high hopes to see a pain specialist and waiting for a referral for a rheumatologist. Navy medical system has been really slow and annoying.

But as I started that to me it’s so embarrassing to admit that we have to hire someone to unpack boxes basically and move stuff in and out. I painted our first duty stations house. 3 bedroom house, all by myself, the kitchen, living room, hallway everything! And now I can’t unpack a few boxes in the garage?

I can’t get our house ready for guest. I know it will be helpful. Finally be able to have people over. Cookouts and get togethers like we used to. Have family up on the weekend. We are in a prime location near the beach.

I hope to get a system out of her, that I can maintain and use for my benefit. But for now, I’m nervous she won’t get why we need help. That she tries to make things complicated when I can’t do complicated.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for listening to me vent!


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