Sometimes, it is About Me

I get really frustrated these days. I’m not sure why now and not so much before. Maybe I’m angrier, maybe I don’t care as much about pleasing everyone else. But I need it to be about me.

I kept my pain, my hurt, my trauma to myself for so long that I think people think that I am doing ok. And sure, some days I am. But most days, it’s a real struggle. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD. So I think people think this is just depression. That I will just snap out of it but I won’t.

I’m not saying I won’t have better days, that things won’t be better. But what my brother did to me, will always effect me. It’s not just something I can drop. Not just something I can go on longer pretending didn’t happen and all is well for the people around me.

With that, with this blog, I am healing. I have several people in my life that have allowed me to speak freely and accepted what I said without throwing in how it makes someone else feel. I greatly appreciate those people that realize sometimes, it is about me.

For what, 24 years or something. I’ve worried how everyone else will feel. My parents, my siblings, my family, my friends, our church, culture. It’s time for me to worry about me. I would love for them to feel the same but I can’t make anyone feel the same but I have a voice now.

Sometimes, it’s about me. Sometimes I might hurt you by what I say or what I do but I need to share my thoughts and feelings and not be reminded of what happened to me, hurt everyone. I know that.

I KNOW that, that’s why it took me so many years to finally tell. But it wasn’t me that did wrong, it was my brother. I should be free to say that. I should be able to say how much it hurt me. I should be able to freely be able to say, it still hurts me.

It effects me daily, looking in the mirror, thinking of my baby girl. Don’t tell me to get over it, don’t tell me to forgive. And don’t tell me how it hurt you. How it hurt everyone. Sometimes, it is about me.

Those things only makes me feel worse. Because that says to me, what I did hurt everyone. It puts blame back on me when I have no blame in what my brother did to me.

I will not stay quiet anymore. I will protect myself and my feelings by speaking up and speaking out. Sometimes, it’s about me.

I don’t want to hear how well he is doing. I don’t want to know how his life is going back together while mine feels like it is falling apart. No matter what he does with his life, it will not make me take back what he has done to me, nor should it. I will not trust him, I will not subject myself to being around him.

The family we had, wasn’t lost when I spoke out. The family we had was lost when my brother molested me. I will feel no guilt about it now. He made the same decision time and time again for years. He made the decision long past a time he knew better. I did not. He took my decision from me. He betrayed the family.

Me speaking up, does not betray the family. It embarrasses the family, society, the norm. And that, is not on me. If I embarrass you for something I am finally coming to terms about, it’s not about you. It’s about me.

I will no longer let my brother have a hold on my life, I no longer will let him keep my mouth shut. I will be allowed to speak up because sometimes, it’s about me.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes, it is About Me

  1. such strength you have in this post. You keep standing your ground and speaking up girl! Keep speaking. keep shouting. Don’t let anyone tell you to let it go or make you feel ashamed for your feelings. sending you big hugs xx

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