Country Girl at Heart

We’ve been in Alabama for a few days, NC before that. I love the green you see. The rolling hills, wide open spaces. I miss not being right next to your neighbor, wait we’ve always had close neighbors. But being in places like this makes me want a huge lot of land and set up a house. Somewhere with wide open yard then surrounded by trees. When I’m in places like these, I just want to quit the navy life and settle into a forever home.

Maybe it’s just the reality it hits me of how long we still have to go, especially if my husband makes it a career. My husband didn’t join the Navy to be patriotic. He joined cause he couldn’t find a job in the outside world that made his college degree worth it. He did it for us. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, the sacrifice he made for us to have a better life.

We are finally home from traveling, so I hope to post more. We are having someone to come in and organize our home. A bill I am not happy to be paying but glad its going to be done. I wish I could do it all myself but I also wish I could stand up or walk normal most days! So I am happy she is coming to get this done. But hope she realizes, despite finally owning this home, we still have a life on the move. And in a few months we could easily have to pack up this place so on. I guess I just want this paying of an organizer worth it.

Im sure it will be best to be going through everything and trashing/donating whatever we can. I keep praying that alone is worth our money.

My daughter is sitting next to me putting on my ginormous sock on her tiny little leg, so I for once, am not going to keep you long! Thanks for reading, more posts to come soon!



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